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Splash allows media playback, conversion and uploading
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Splash is basically a media player supporting playback of not only standard files but also streaming contents. Moreover, it can also convert high definition video as well as upload your clips to the Internet. If I were to praise but one thing about this application, I would surely mention its interface, which is extraordinary neat, intuitive and stylish. However, there are other features of this program that deserve my comments.

First, the program lets you take full control of how movies are played. So, in addition to such standard parameters as brightness, contrast and saturation, you can also activate image-enhancing technologies, such as Motion, Detail Boost and Light Boost. And, for you to see their real effects, you can turn on Demo mode, which shows one unmodified half of the image and the other enhanced half side by side. And believe me about this, the difference really shows.

Second, the player can not only increase the quality of the visual part of a clip but also its sound. In this respect, it lets you use an audio boost filter as well as configure 7.1 audio parameters. In both cases, you can save your configuration as presets. Nevertheless, I would have liked the program to come at least with a few built-in presets. Luckily, the player supports most popular formats and uses its own codecs. Unfortunately, though, it couldn’t open RMVB and FLV, which are also frequently found.

Third, the tool can convert a movie into another format. In addition to using the predefined profiles, you can customize the output by adjusting video and audio quality and bitrate. As the program can use hardware acceleration, the processing time will be shorter. Additionally, you can upload video to such popular sites as YouTube and Facebook.

Fourth, the tool supports practically every subtitle format. It can automatically load subtitles together with the video files, but you can load them manually as well. The appearance of the subtitles is configurable, as it’s possible to change font type, color and size. Moreover, you can adjust timing to avoid synchronization issues. It´s a pity that you cannot control the position of the subtitles in the screen and search Internet databases for missing subtitles.

Last but not least, Splash supports playing digital television. In this regard, it allows navigating and zapping through the channels. More than just that, the player enhances the viewing experience with the same post-processing technologies it uses to improve standard file playback.

All in all, Splash is an excellent media player. It has various advantages that make it outstand in a market that it’s practically flooded with many other similar products. I believe it’s possibly one of the most visually attractive. Moreover, its under-the-hood post-processing technologies are really something to consider.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It has a very nice interface
  • It uses post-processing technologies to enhance the quality of video image and audio
  • It allows converting to other formats
  • It lets you upload videos to the Internet
  • It allows watching digital television
  • It supports various subtitle formats


  • It doesn´t support some very popular formats
  • It cannot search the Internet for missing subtitles
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